Chore Buster 2.0 is on it's way - as open source!

I'm pleased to announce that work has begun on the next version of Chore Buster! It will be a complete rebuild using modern technology, making it easier for Chore Buster to grow and stay current.

Work had come to a halt on the current Chore Buster site because it was built a long time ago using technology that is now obsolete.

The new version of Chore Buster is open source, making it possible for the community to contribute changes or fixes and learn from it's code. People with an interest on Python and Flask are invited to follow the code's evolution at and to chip in with any contributions they feel moved to do.

Right now CB 2.0 is still very young and nowhere near ready to replace the existing CB site. The new CB won't replace the old one until it reaches feature parity which is a while off yet.